Stresses in compressor wheel

Stresses in compressor wheel:

The forces exerted on the Gas turbine Rotor parts and resulting on that of compressor wheel are

1)        Air Force

Airforce caused by the pressure difference between and down steam of the blades they can be steady or vibratory and can be minimized by sound aerodynamic design.

2)        Forces due to constrained thermal expansion any component should be allowed to expand freely under all operating conditions any constant will endure thermal stress a good design will limit them within the elastic limit.

3)        Dynamic stresses due to vibration

Time-dependent stresses may be induced due to blade vibration of to the rotor vibrations of the rotor vibration shall be small under normal operating conditions since these are considered in case of an unbalanced shaft.

4)        Centrifugal Stresses

Considering the wheel to be rotating disc the following principle stresses exist in it

– Hoop stress or centrifugal stresses this act along the circumference of a wheel tends to break the ring into two halves.

– Radial stresses

it acts along the radius of the wheel.

– longitudinal stress

it acts along the length of the cylinder but since the axial thickness of the  wheel is 80-150 mm in length these stresses are not considered

Advantages of Gas Turbine :

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